We offer you the option of stopping in at our location to spend some time with the flowers picking your own arrangement or bouquet! Prices are charged by the bouquet, with a specific number of stems included.

Just show up at our location during garden hours to pick your bouquet! We’ll provide clippers and a bag for you to use to transport your flowers, but you can feel free to bring a vase if you’d like one. Continue reading for all the details!

  • Garden hours are restricted to the morning and specific days, from 9am-12pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Our flower shop is open longer hours, so you’re still welcome to stop by when the garden is closed to picking.

  • Pricing is $12 for adults (20-25 stems) and $6 for children (10-15 stems).

  • Pricing is based on mixed bouquets of outdoor flowers, with some excluded. For pricing on only specific kinds of flowers, call us for details. We have options for DIY buckets and bulk pricing.

  • Lisianthus, Tuberoses, Calla Lilies, and Hydrangeas are not included in standard pricing, but can be included for an additional fee.

  • Be kind to our insects! You may see a number of insects that are beneficial to our flowers, including honeybees, ladybugs, praying mantis, or green lacewings. We try to keep spraying minimal, to minimize long-term harm caused by chemicals. You may see some damage on some flowers from harmful insects such as aphids or beetles as a result.

  • We are always learning to work better with nature while producing beautiful quality flowers. We realize that we can only do the basics and that it’s only our awesome God who makes all possible. We have no power to make things grow! Give Him the Glory!

  • Please watch for signs that say reserved, as some flowers need to be reserved for weddings or other orders.

  • Please don’t cut anything in the greenhouse!